Wednesday, 16 July 2014


So this week I officially reached the end of my three year law degree and had my graduation! I can't believe that after all of the stressful 400 pages reading a week, ten hour revision days and still managing to have never fully read a case I managed to get a high 2.1 and finish it completely!

It was really odd seeing everyone for (probably) the last time, dressed up in their robes! And to be able to celebrate with my best friends :)

And parents..

And boyfriend..

Who had the job of photographer for the ceremony! The ceremony itself was very lavish and posh, with a few of our lecturers sitting on the stage watching as our names were called and we shook hands with the headmaster and head of law at Queen Mary University. I didn't fall!

It has truly been the best three years of my life at Uni, and I've learnt so much more than law. I've learnt how to balance things - modeling and law is not easy! - that I can't leave all my reading to the last month (first year drama), made the best friends I will ever have and had amazing experiences with those I was lucky enough to have met before uni as well! Living in London has been incredible, it was definitely the place for me to grow, and I'm so proud that I didn't get killed living in east London :)

I have no idea what the future holds other than modeling at the moment, but it's quite exciting not knowing what will happen! Goodbye my university years, hello real world!

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