Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bodo's Schloss

Bodo's Schloss has been on my to-go-to list for too long. Happily, last week I rectified this and the club is now firmly on my favourites list. I am a sucker for a good theme and cheesy music - what can I say? Bodo's is alpine-ski themed and they take it quite seriously. There are horns poking out of every wall (naughty!) and 
skis just casually lying against the walls. 

We started with a three course meal - unfortunately the food was so delicious we scoffed it all down too quickly for pictures, but I managed a lone picture of a rather excellent apple strudel. 

The food here is the best I have had at a club. Sharing style, we started with a ham board (I'm sure there is a more sophisticated name for that, alas it doesn't spring to mind), hummus, crusty bread and gazpacho (a cold tomato soup) and for mains we feasted on schnitzel, salad and delicious stuffed rolls. The food was all really excellent, I would definitely recommend eating here before partying ze night away ski-style. 

At around 11, the back doors open up to a huge extra room, complete with a DJ in a ski lift. There were already a couple of people dancing away like they were having the time of their life, and on closer inspection I saw it was The Londoner (and her insanely beautiful friend Phoebe), whose blog I am mildly obsessed with. It has literally been the biggest help ever whilst living in London - every recipe or recommendation is always incredible. So safe to say, upon seeing her I retained my cool composure and WENT MILDLY INSANE and embarrassingly told her I love her blog major amounts and asked for a picture. I have met a few famous people, but the one I was most excited about seeing was Rosie Londoner. That is probably quite  really sad but she was so lovely and only mildly freaked out by my fan-girldom. 

My favourite thing about Bodo's is definitely the music. They play classic cheese, 2000 pop hits like Beyonce and Kelis which are the best to dance along to drunkenly. Also there are some remixes mixed in which stops it from becoming too 'school disco'ish.

This unfortunately also encourages very cringey alcohol fuelled dancing and singing...

... my favourite kind! 

If you are looking for pure FUN, Bodo's Schloss is the place to go and get schlossed. It is impossible to defy the fun atmosphere, especially when you are with a great group of people! 

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