Sunday, 25 May 2014


Since I finished exams, I seem to have been going full force and have replaced one kind of work with two others. I love what I am doing now much more than spending my days cooped up in the library with books though!

First up is work with Our Honest Foods - I am running their blog and generally writing cute things for them, which I love doing - a combination of writing and eating! Me and Lisa are running the blog (which can be found here) which is great also, working with your best friend :) They are a really awesome company selling Office and Home boxes of healthy, British snacks - I reviewed the box in the past (here) and they are just really great to work with. Hopefully it will help me decide what to do in the future! The blog is updated daily with reviews of different (all literally incredible) snacks so be sure to check it out :)

Then there is the complete opposite of that sort of work - modeling. I have made it on to the asos and urban outfitters websites (inside screams) - it is so much fun shooting for both of them! Definitely my favourite kind of modeling work - easy, quick and fun. Everyone that works at Asos and Urban is so lovely and amazing to work with, I feel very lucky! 

I also have had castings everyday, which the sporadic British sunshine has helped greatly! These can be quite exhausting, but I made some new model friends this week which was really nice and makes the travelling around from one place to another (to be seen for one minute!) much more fun. Next week looks pretty full on too, but I would rather be super busy than doing nothing!

What are your plans for after uni? xxx 

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