Tuesday, 6 May 2014

University - Part One

So after a month and a half of pure revision, I have finally finished! I don't think it has kicked in properly yet (still waking up at 6am!) but I'm so so happy to just rest my brain and relax after constant stress :) This also means that I have finished the three years of my law degree! It is literally unbelievable how fast time flies while your at university, it feels like only yesterday I was moving into my halls! Here are some memories from university..

 Getting in to Uni
My A level history exam was marked wrongly, and at first I got a B which meant I had to go to my insurance uni, Surrey. I was not very happy to say the least (hello wailing miserably in my room for a week) and eventually my boyfriend convinced me to get the exam remarked, and it came back fourteen marks higher. Apparently they had just 'missed' two pages of my exam!!! It came back on the last day of being able to get into Queen Mary, and so I got in! Literally one of the best days of my life :) 

We celebrated with an obligatory 'school' night out in Ayia Napa..

Moving to London! 
The next step was leaving Cyprus, where I had lived for the last five years in the sunshine, to East London! This was quite a shock to the system, and after my dad's pep talks (aim for the eyes!!) I was well and truly paranoid to the max, refusing to take my phone out because I thought I would get mugged! After three years I am extremely happy to say I have had absolutely no incidents like that (except maybe getting flashed at 6am on a Sunday morning!) and I have learnt how to master the tubes and buses and hustle around like a 'normal' Londoner :) When I moved here I was grinning at everyone and I have now learnt it's best to casually avoid people's looks (if you are in east london at least!). I also went and lived in West London with my boyfriend last year, and that was the opposite of east and such a good experience!

I ate Wagamama's chicken katsu curry every day for a while when I moved here, the fresher's weight certainly piled on! 

London zoo - two of my best friends conveniently work here! 
Nicola's first time seeing fireworks ever! 
Definitely the best part of east london - brick lane :) 
Theme parks - alton towers, thorpe park! :) 

Moving into halls 
Halls was an interesting experience! I was lucky to get a beautiful bedroom and two of the best friends I could ask for, whilst living on campus in London which was pretty surreal :) We had a lot of fun, our other 2 flatmates were very interesting but I am so, so glad that I got to meet Katherine and Nicola :) 

 my halls building! 
 the view from my room ;) 

Freshers Week! 
I think Freshers Week's can be a bit of a let down, but when you get to this point all you remember is having lots of fun and getting to know people! I hardly stayed in touch with any of the people I proclaimed my new best friends during that week, but it was still a lot of fun :) 

To be continued.. this post is getting pretty long! :) 

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