Monday, 12 May 2014

University - Part Three

The first two years of uni my 'clubs' were (literal) clubs... in the third year me and my best friend had a CV crisis and decided that we had better join some clubs! We also came up with the brilliant idea of starting up a Chess Club as Queen Mary was missing one... and now I have 'founder/president of the chess club' on my CV! If you spot a gap like that it is definitely worth taking the risk and filling it. We aren't the best chess players ever, but we have learnt a lot about organisation, leadership and teamwork (etc) from it and had some very cute nights playing chess :)
One of the best decisions I made throughout uni was to join Cheerleading. We have one of the best teams in England, with about 70 people on it total and 3 separate teams within one, with the top level 6 team competing in Florida at the last world's competition! (As you may be able to guess, me and Katherine were in the 'new' team). We still had such an amazing time and really dedicated ourselves (6 hours training a week...) to it, and came second in a national competition (one point off first place!).

I definitely recommend joining a club at uni, even if you think it's not really your thing! :)

I met Dima at school and we came to London together. We had heard it from everyone about how 'hard it is to be in a relationship at uni' and all the potentials of making out with strangers etc. It has actually not been difficult in the slightest and I've never ever felt like I am 'missing out' by being in a relationship at uni. It is four years coming up and he is literally my best friend and boyfriend in one, the best person I have ever met :) I'm really happy we got to experience uni together as we have had some really great times over the last 3 years.

I am a major foodie, and London has a lot to eat. I would like to congratulate myself on succeeding in eating some super incredible food over the past three years, before my metabolism gives up completely!

Lantana's french bread amazingness

Chelsea Bun - always a winner (get the milkshake!)

Deep fried oreos at Feast London (definitely go to this!!!)

Medlar - incredible food

my FAVOURITE BURGERS EVER - Patty and Bun (worth the queue)

GO TO GRANGER&CO. Get the ricotta pancakes with banana and honeycomb butter. 
If you go to brick lane on a sunday you are pretty much guaranteed a food-gasm

Sapori Sardi is my favourite date-restaurant.

Maxibon cookies.... heaven

I have had a slightly love/hate relationship with Law since being at university, but by the end of my degree I have decided that I do actually really like it and I'm glad I studied it. I still am not 100% sure about what I want to do (there is just so much out there!) but I've learnt some really interesting things over the last three years. Uni is literally the best time of your life, so make sure you are studying something you love! I have had the best time ever at Queen Mary and will really miss it, but I'm more excited to see what the future holds :)


  1. This was so helpful to read as I start to go to open days etc... I've grown up in London so have never been sure about staying for University as well but this has given me such a good insight, thank you! xxx

    1. Thankyou! It really depends on what you are looking for from uni, going in London can feel sometimes like just going to college, especially if you have the same friends and less of a campus! Good luck with uni anyway, i'm sure you will love wherever you go :)