Sunday, 11 May 2014

University - Part Two

One of the best things about going to uni in London is the nights out. After our first interesting experiences at the 'student-y' clubs such as Fabric, Ministry of Sound (top tip: avoid if you don't like being groped/surrounded by drugs) a promoter messaged me and asked if I wanted a free birthday party at a top London club (which has since closed!). I was very dubious but went along with it, and we got free entry and free drinks all night, as well as cake! We then realised that for basically every top London club, there are promoters wanting girls inside, who will give you a completely free night out with no catches. This was excellent news, and since then we haven't paid for hardly a single night out. There is also sometimes free food, yay!! (No, I'm not sure why they do this but who cares?!)
 why yes I will accept your free cake... (who cares that my name isn't Santiago?!) 
The (free shhh) drinks at what was formerly known as Whisky Mist, and is now Rusty Nail I believe. They give out pasta at 2am!!!! 
One of my favourite nights was seeing LMFAO at Jalouse! 
Boujis is always a really fun night, they usually have themes! 
Kensington Roof Gardens will literally be stunning in the summer - a huge club-within-a-garden on the roof of a hotel! They also serve burgers throughout the night! 
Ruski's Tavern is very cool, Russian themed with giant astronauts walking around and plenty of caviar! 
The Box is personally my favourite club to go to, because it is so different from any others! They have 3 shows that are ridiculously extreme and entertaining, but be prepared for literally anything! 
Mahiki is a firm favourite with my friends - we are there practically every Monday. Everyone is really chilled and the treasure chests are beyond words. It is super cute and hawaiian themed, with a secret 'no tell motel room' in the back! 

The best promoters I know are Central List (excellent for Mahiki), San's list  and the Ace of Clubs. Generally they are quite easy to find, if you search where you want to go on twitter followed by 'promoter/list'. I feel so lucky to have been able to have such incredible nights out for nothing at all! 

It's a well known fact that university is the best time to travel - no obligations, commitments, people to feed etc. Fortunately London is well placed and I've been lucky enough to have willing travel companions with me over the past 3 years! 

Majorca with my best friends last year was amazing, can't wait for Croatia in July! 

you don't have to go far - Brighton is 1 hour from London and tickets are as cheap as £10 return! 
(Yes that is me skateboarding through the trees..)

I have been to Amsterdam three times now, twice with my boyfriend and once with my best friends. It is my favourite place to go in Europe - chilled, clean, pretty and everyone is pretty much happy! (there is probably a reason behind it..) There are countless things to find and eat and experience there, and I will probably be back - it is just a 45 minute flight from London, and we usually go for around £150 including flights and hotel for 3 nights. 

I loved Paris. Mainly because we went to disneyland, and it was my birthday but everything was still so chic and fabulous :) at 2 hours on the eurostar you have to go whilst in London (a bit of irony working there) - for the food if nothing else! I was completely taken over by the Eiffel Tower too, although I didn't think much of it before! We went in the evening and it was almost completely empty.. 

Modeling was something on and off throughout University, but being at uni gave me the opportunity to explore modeling in London on the side of my work. It took me a long time to learn how to balance it out, but I have literally had the most incredible experiences modeling in London and I'm really excited for the future! 
The best job I have ever had is definitely the GQ Awards last year, where I met all my favourite celebrities, was paid to do so, got to keep the clothes and go to the afterparty! It was definitely one of the best nights of my life :') 
Modeling in London Fashion Week 
My first job in London was to  go to a Vogue Party. This was also a really amazing night!

JD Sports campaign! 

I have had such amazing experiences modeling, the best thing about it is that you literally have no idea what tomorrow will be like! I'm going to do it full time for a while, and it's going amazingly at the moment :) 

Luckily all of my best friends from Cyprus were here waiting for me in London before I came, and my boyfriend Dima came over with me (to go to Imperial!). I have also made some incredible friends over the past three years, and I don't know what I would do without them. 

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  1. Awww I love these posts! I can't believe we've actually finished university?!