Wednesday, 30 April 2014

May Goals

Hello May! I am SO excited that April is finally over - it was seriously one of the most boring months of my life, spending it revising everyday, going to the gym and eating healthily! In 5 days my post-university life will begin... as well as SUMMER! Just 5 more days of hell left - who invented jurisprudence anyway?!?

Roll on May!!... Super pumped to find out where we're going!! ✈️☀️⛄️ who knows?!!!

My Goals for this month are to sort out some things that I have neglected during this revision-frenzy!

1. Spring Clean
My room is... not nice. There is a huge pile of washing mounting up and my clothes definitely no longer fit the slightly nicer weather we are having! I am going to do a major clean out of my room when I finish, including taking ALL of my law books and notes and putting them out of sight! :) 

2. Yoga/Blogilates every morning 
I posted about the 30-day Doyouyoga challenge (completed!) and since finishing it, I have definitely missed waking up and doing something unrelated to work before I start off the day. I found some Blogilates videos on youtube and they are so much fun to do! Casey is a really good teacher - I will try and do these everyday :) 

4. Gym and Healthy Eating
Just because summer is finally here, doesn't mean I can stop being healthy. I have hardly drunk alcohol for over two months and feel a lot better for it (although I doubt there won't be a celebration when everyone finishes!) and actually do feel a lot happier and healthier after eating healthily for that time and working out. Hopefully I will start the job that this has all been for next week, fingers crossed!
For my daughter, who just graduated from nursing school, while raising five kids and still working!
5. Sort out my foot
I am pretty sure I have achillies tendonitis and it is not fun. Typically, after upping my exercise and forcing myself to run I have managed to injure myself! I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so will hopefully sort it out before it gets any worse. 

6. Drive! 
It is so bad that I have had the chance to drive for 4 years now and haven't managed to even take my test yet, despite over 80 hours! I am going to try and do an intensive course this month in automatic (hate manual!) so hopefully I will be able to pass quickly! I hate driving lessons and driving in London generally, there are so many hidden rules and people running out infront of you!
Follow Andrew Sharpe he is amazing, hansom, stylish and modest  "Shelby Cobra. One of the very few American muscle cars that I would love to own." but it can be a girl's car too! and I even like the color too.

7. Sort out my life plan 
I need to apply for training contracts, internships, everything really! Modeling this year is going to be great and I'm really excited for it but it is definitely not a long term plan. 

Have a great month! Hopefully the sun comes back and stays out! 


  1. The best thing ever about finishing is putting the books away although if you're then starting Training Contract applications they're possibly more soul destroying than revision, good luck with that.

  2. Can't wait for you to finish!! xx