Monday, 17 November 2014

A grown up 22nd birthday party!

My birthday party this year was my favourite one I've ever had. 

I didn't want to just have another night out (going out so much during the week kind of makes it less special), and didn't want to have to book months in advance to go to an overpriced restaurant where I wouldn't be able to speak to anyone. I just decided in the end to invite my very best friends over to my house, for a night filled with some of my favourite things - pizza, games and cheesy music. I basically had a pizza party and it was awesome. 

Luckily I had my chef/boyfriend extraordinarie, Dima, on hand to whip up 20 or so pizzas on the night. Helped along by his two loyal chefs-in-command (Danny and Matt), the boys took orders, cooked mindblowing pizzas and delivered them to us girls in the living room, sipping champagne. Sexism at its finest! 

Dima also cooked some of his famous brownies - these are everything a brownie should be; thick, fudgy, chewy and delicious. 

I was so happy to see some of my favourite people in the world, some who have travelled long and far away due to post-uni life. 

We played Cards Against Humanity - which if you don't know, is the most awkwardly fun game ever to play with anyone you are not 100% comfortable with - so funny!  

Then everyone took to the floor for dancing to my favourite kind of cheesy, sing-a-long old music! 

Did you think this party couldn't get any cooler?


After all of that excitement, it was time for a sit down to play... PASS THE PARCEL!!! How long has it been since you played this game? and how much do you want to play it?! Literally the best party game ever. 

Kit kats (from the leftover, never ending halloween supply we have) greeted lucky unwrappers..

Until Matt opened up a mini tequila bottle!

And Nicola got the ultimate prize.... an EASTER EGG!! 

Muscial statues ensued.. 

Soon to be followed by musical squats...

And a beautiful, chocolatey birthday cake which nobody could eat because they were filled to the brim on pizza, pombears and brownies..
So I had to finish it off by myself the next day! 

Definitely  my favourite birthday party, just because I was surrounded by my best friends and having lots of silly fun! Until next year :) 

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  1. Aww such an amazing eve, love you!!
    I still dream about those brownies. xx