Saturday, 29 November 2014

Sketch Cocktails

After our feast at Tohbang. Dima & I went in search of a delicious cocktail. He is quite into his cocktails, where I am happy with anything remotely like a pina colada. We found ourselves near Sketch, of which I had heard amazing things, but as it was 9.30 on a Friday night I was doubtful they'd have room. 

How wrong I was! We walked straight in without a reservation, through the buzz of christmas trees dripping in fairylights, teacups adorning the walls. We were directed through the restaurant to the doors at the back (which look quite a bit like kitchen doors) where we were faced with a gigantic spaceship in a completely white room. 

This is what I love about London. You can just find yourself in the most bizarre, incredible places within the blink of an eye. One minute we were strolling Oxford Street in the rain, the next we were in a giant spaceship sipping cocktails. 

The only thing I knew about Sketch was that they had unusual bathrooms. The spaceship had two staircases around it, leading up to about 20 egg shaped pods. They were very futuristic, with weird spaceship sounds and crickets playing inside the egg. These were under a beautiful coloured roof.

It's difficult to explain, but the spaceship has a giant (UFO) hole in the middle of the roof, through which colour beams. The bar itself is quite small, but we found a seat easily and perused our menus there (which were on newspaper). The walls are covered in crazy murals, which when you take a closer look appear to be quite on the 'strange' side but you would expect nothing less sitting in a spaceship bar. The music is also completely batty - steady house beats suddenly turn into a song which is a mash up of 'Snow is falling' with 'Jenny from the Block'. It actually really worked - the future of music?

(Sorry for the picture quality - lighting isn't great, and Dima's phone is useless compared to my trusty iphone)

Cocktails are definitely on the pricey side at £16 each but I would say probably worth it. If someone else is paying. As we are lucky enough to usually get free drinks when we go out, paying the same amount as a meal in a restaurant for a drink does pain my soul quite a lot but Dima loves cocktails and was willing to ~flash the cash~. Maybe go there and get a non alcoholic one, at £8.

The cocktails were seriously impressive though. Dima went for 'Kicking the Ketel' - a mix of cucumber and lychee, which he was very happy with. I went for an 'Avocolado' - pretty much a pina colada with avocado. I was also very very very happy with my drink, being an avocado fan. It was amazing! 

Next up Dima wanted more so he went for the 'Hummingbird' which was delicious - it tasted like honey and strawberry. I chose the chocolate sounding drink of which I can't remember (you'll find it if you search for the £18 drink!!) and it took a bit of getting used to, but was pretty good. Very strong, as it should be. 

We tottered home throughout the buzzy London streets, I love London so much at this time of year. Everywhere is lit up and people are smiling. 

Find Sketch here.

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