Friday, 21 November 2014

Charlotte Tilbury x Fenwick

My favourite type of modeling jobs are events - where you get all prettied up and just have to stand around mingling with amazing, interesting people! Last week I had a job for renowned make up artist Charlotte Tilbury, to help celebrate her make up counter launch at Fenwick department store on Bond Street. She had created ten different looks, and an eleventh 'supermodel' look for the event modelled by Amber Le Bon which we all showed off. 

My favourite was the Golden Goddess, and luckily that's who I was being for the evening!

The other models were all from my agency, Profile and so lovely, and Amber was incredibly nice so it was a fun day of getting pampered, chatting and being fed! 

Me & Amber Le Bon - beautiful girl! 

amazing make up :) 

We were all given Victoria's Secret style dressing gowns with the name of our look on the back.. 

Then suddenly, it was 6pm and the papparazzi were buzzing around outside.. 

And we were ushered downstairs for our mini catwalk through the crowd, briefly stopping outside the doors of Fenwick for a pose before coming back in. 

Quite surreal posing for loads of papparazzi, quite glad it isn't something I have to deal with daily! Although.. it was quite a cool novelty to see myself on the daily mail's sidebar of shame the next day :) 

Then it was back inside, to saunter around with trays of treats (that totally did not find their way into my pockets), offering them to celebs like Laura Bailey, Millie Mackintosh and Lindsay Lohan. 

We also found our way into the photobooth...

Before heading home through the Christmassy streets of London - everywhere looks so amazing now, especially at night! 

A great night, thank you Charlotte for having us! 

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