Friday, 7 November 2014

Goodbye 21

Ever notice that as you get older, the years go by quicker and quicker? This year has gone by in the blink of an eye, and quite reluctantly I say goodbye to 21 and hello to 22. 

It has been a great year though, one of major growings-up! Graduating University, finally moving out of East London, modelling full time, with some incredible achievements along the way I am really proud of. This post is to remember the year I was 21!

We had a family dinner at Hawksmoor (restaurant God of steak and lobster) - this year repeated at Medlar.
I got a beautiful Michael Kors watch for my 21st which I have somehow managed to keep hold of and only lose once (to be returned to me by some blessed stranger in the gym who handed it in - thank you!) 

Had my actual birthday frolicking around London.. 
A beautiful, really thoughtful present from Dima which has sparked a thousand (and more) pictures.. 

A  Pyjama Party celebration at Mahiki.. 

And some more food at Medlar! (November = birthday month)

Some achievements this year include... 

- setting up the Queen Mary Chess Society! I can't believe we actually did this, and it's really nice that we have left something behind at QM for future generations :') We even had a harry potter themed chess event! 

- Joining and competing in Cheerleading - something I never ever in a million zillion years thought I would be able to do! My talents now include lifting up a human and throwing them into the air, and handstands! The competition was one of the best days of my life :) 

- succeeding in my fitness goals and as a result being on ASOS - one of my dream jobs! This took two months of healthy eating and exercise during my exams and was VERY tough, but I'm so proud that I managed to do it! 

- getting a Missguided campaign! Definitely one of my favourite shoots :) 

- graduating! Finally finishing my law degree after three long years filled with more studying than I thought imaginable, learning lots along the way not much of which I can remember now! I was so happy to graduate with a 2.1 and excellent grades in my final year, it makes it all seem worth it. (Followed by an amazing dinner at Duck & Waffle, and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory)

- shooting my first campaign for JD Sports which was in their shops, in the freezing cold in December running around London from 6-6! 

- Walking in London Fashion Week 

- embracing running: I truly hate running. But back in May, I had to start. I remember feeling ecstatic at 'running' (with regular walking breaks) at 10 minutes, I recently ran for one hour and felt amazing! I try to run everyday now for at least 20 minutes and it has really become a part of my lifestyle rather than torture (most days!) 

Some travels this year include..

- going to absolute heaven on earth, Barbados - the best holiday I have ever and probably will ever go on! 
(Managing to surf first time!)

- Amsterdam with some friends, for an unforgettable break! 

- Brighton with the boyfriend

- Croatia - one of my favourite holidays ever, in a beautiful place with incredible food and people and fun! 

- returning to Cyprus with my best friend Katherine for a lovely post exam sun filled holiday!

- Brussels with Dima for lots and lots of chocolate! And to celebrate our four year anniversary - never been happier :) 

- St Albans - not exactly travelling far, but a really lovely place and I'm so happy my family moved down closer to London! 

Some memories this year include.. 
- Christmas parties at Nicola's!

- meeting the Londoner (this is super sad but super relevant) at Bodos Schloss - also a memory filled place as we frequented it every week for some incredible schnitzel and strudel! 

- the Law Ball, the first time I have seen Nicola ever drunk - hilarious! We were also on a boat on the thames which made it 10x funnier.

- a ridiculous Lord of the Rings Day complete with seven courses, three full length movies and a loooong food coma. 

- interning with my best friend Lisa at Office Pantry, and at Sauce Communications for PR. Both great experiences, where I learned a lot! 

- moving in with Dima after 4 years of pure happiness, finally we are officially living together and it is amazing! 

There is obviously so much more than even could be put into one post, but I truly had an amazing year of being 21! 22 doesn't sound as good, but at least I can finally play this song all day everyday! 


  1. I hope you had a great birthday! You're so right about Hawksmoor, it's absolutely amazing!

    1. Thanks Geena! It is incredible, I just wish I could afford it more often :p xx

  2. I don't quite understand people who don't like birthdays.. You get to collect so many nice memories right? xx

    1. yes I love birthdays! You are Queen for a day :D xx