Saturday, 1 November 2014


Every year, Halloween is a big event with my friends. Even in Cyprus, where it isn't celebrated, we would get dressed up and go out to celebrate the spooky happenings of the world.. 
Even as dead hula girls! 

This year, the celebrations were started off with an impromptu ghost ship party at Cuckoo Club.. 

It was decorated incredibly, and the costumes were insane (unlike ours - being last minute we just smeared lipstick over our faces, easy!). I saw everything from sparkly Edwards to very convincing Maleficients, to full on dalmations, finding nemo and corpses. 

This was the 'skeleton in the closet' in the bathroom, with a kidnap tape recording on loop - it was freaking out a lot of people! 

Cuckoo is a really nice club, one of my favourites (it is usually all pink!). It's on Regents Street and is always filled with beautiful people listening to great music. 

Then on actual halloween Dima was introduced to the concept of trick or treating - growing up in Cyprus means he had never seen it before and I think he was even more excited than the children! He spent £20 on chocolate and was super excited to give them out to the masses of cute little ghosts and vampires at our door demanding candy! 

I think our welcoming pumpkin brought all the spirits to our house for some sugar fuelled fun! 

Then I (rather reluctantly) left to go to a masquerade ball at Hotel Cafe Royal, with my agency Profile. The hotel is so glamorous and beautiful, and the Pompadour ballroom was stunning. We were treated to uniquely infused cocktails, and amazing food with everything from fishcakes, to truffle/cheese crackers, to halloween macaroons! Literal halloween heaven :) 

I found this mask at Liberty for a very cool £4! 
With the beautiful Profile girls

We finished off our night in new club Toyroom, which was pretty cool and random with gory teddybears/toy soldiers everywhere, but the music was a lot of hip hop! 

I've recently started watching American Horror Story and it is the most terrifying show I have ever seen. I don't really like horrors but this is so addictively good yet disturbing - thanks Lisa

I will leave you with a horrifying picture... 

What did you get up to for halloween?


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