Friday, 21 November 2014

Boohoo SS15

I know it is officially mulled-wine-and-fluffy-socks season, but fashion has other ideas. Boohoo in particular are looking forward to next Summer already with an amazing new collection that they very nicely had me model for them. Last week, they had their Press Day for 2015 and I heard from a friend of a friend that they had seen a big picture of me on Oxford Street, so I casually went along to check it out! 

It's a pretty weird experience seeing yourself on a billboard, especially when you weren't expecting it! This is probably my favourite bit of modeling, when everyone's hard work comes together and produces a really good end result. It makes all the waiting, standing around, hair tugging, eye prodding and blisters worth it! 

Boohoo's new collection makes me want Summer - it is gorgeous! 

A couple of my favourite outfits.. 

The Press event itself wasn't too shabby either - cute, tasty pots of food, mohito ice lollies and champagne awaited us..

Which we tucked into whilst going through the amazing clothes, so much I want here! 

We also picked up some amazing transfer tattoos from Unique Freak - I am a little bit addicted to mine and now reaaaaally want a giant dreamcatcher tattooed on my arm, I'm not sure my agency would be too happy! 

Thanks Boohoo for a lovely day, we had so much fun! xx


  1. Looks like the press event was a lot of fun! You look stunning in the photographs,too!

    Hannah x | hannatalks