Friday, 12 April 2013

Glee 4x18 Shooting Star

When I found out Glee was back on this week after weeks of no TV I was pretty happy. But after watching it I'm not really sure how to feel.

The time when they were in the choir room together was very intense and I did start welling up because of the fear, the actors are so good and it's good they have been given a chance to show how well they can act. And I think it gave people who don't really realise the intensity of a school shooting (like me) a shock :(

The whole Becky/Sue situation was probably for the best, so that they can wrap up the issue in true Glee style and move on to some completely unrelated matters next week which is probably quite insensitive (who wants to bet  that the metal detectors will not be there next week?) Although it didn't really make sense for Becky to bring a gun into school because she was scared of graduating - but i gave up long ago searching for any sense in the shows i watch :( (eg 90210's cruel and painstakingly slow demise)

I showed my boyfriend a clip of Glee from season 1 the other day (singing push it in assembly) and it was SO SO SO much better! So much funnier and more Sue and geeky non prostitutey Rachael :(

And as for the whole 'catfish' thing, it is pretty annoying but I am betting it will end up to be:

a) Unique if the show, like Pretty Little Liars, drags you along and makes you think someone is the culprit... AND IT IS THEM (mona) or Kitty but she was holding her phone so pretty unlikely

b) Jake if he is being a cruel mean person a la Kitty earlier in the season, to get back at Ryder for being more fabulous than he etc - that would be good

c) a band member


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