Friday, 12 April 2013

Hayward Gallery Light Show

A couple of days ago I went with my boyfriend to the Light Show at Hayward Gallery. I wasn't expecting all that much, with museums etc I am not normally blown away but this did indeed blow me away! 

 the 'frozen water' room

There was a room with what looked like the projector light shining slowly moving lines onto a wall, and at first glance you are like meh but people were standing in the light and walking through it and the small dark room was quite captivating in a way where you are not sure why. We watched the sprials of smoke glitter in the light, and then walked through it and was truly amazed, the view was completely different!

Another of my favourite rooms was the picture above, a dark room with constant strobe lightening effects which made the flowing fountains of water look like they were frozen! (Though my boyfriend ruined it by shining his phone light onto it so you could see the water!)

We queued up for 15 mins for a room we had no idea about, but everyone seemed to be queuing so we did too (human nature..) When we went in the room we thought we were going to be given a show, and waited for ten minutes for the show! But apparently the show was the strange screen like lights infront of us, and after fifteen minutes they are supposed to change incredibly (but we are evidently not cultured enough for this as we didn't see much!)

me outside the gallery in a giant white chocolate drop (obviously)
wearing: - shoes: Asos
dress: Asos
scarf: Asos (I note a trend..)
coat: Erotokritos

me and my boyfriend, dima :)

new shoes of the day!

afterwards we stopped off at Ping Pong - their food and drinks are great but very pricey and tempting! I managed to restrain myself and just ordered this Goji berry juice and a chicken dumpling soup whereas Dima went for... the most calorific, fried set menu for one, extra dumplings and extra crackers (which i graciously helped him finish off)!

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