Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Dinner Party!

Last night I was supposed to go with my friend Stephanie (who is a 'real' foodie) to a restaurant but as I was so stressed with studying we decided it would be better if she came over and we got pizza. Then, as she always cooks the most incredible food for me, I suggested me cooking something and she got really happy SO THEN IT TURNED INTO A FULL BLOWN DINNER PARTY
when i can't particularly cook
I have an 'imaginative' style of cooking ie lets put these CHOCOLATE CHIPS in the omlette muaha whereas my boyfriend has a follow-the-recipe style so as he was at my house, we kind of balanced each other out. I have never cooked a three course dinner before and got super excited and scoured the web for recipes... and then got stressed... then went shopping and spent a LOT on food and got even more stressed...

my boyfriend, who looked much more attractive than me on our voyage to Asda as I traipsed alongside him in my trampiest clothes and greasiest hair :(
super pretty pink blossom trees which are everywhere around where I live!
This was the starter, which I found here, on the londoner which was the best part of the meal, fat free shrimp salsa which convinced my boyfriend to stay for dinner! yay! It was truly amazing, literally shrimp, lime juice, cherry tomatoes, onion, coriander and japalenos chopped up and put together!
this was the main, kleftiko which is basically slow roast greek lamb, which is my FAVOURITE in Cyprus but mine did not come out so well as it probably wasn't in there long enough :'(
For desert I made one of those cheat boxed sticky toffee puddings, as Stephanie loves them and I, Dima and Nicola (my other friend in attendance) have never had them and I thought that there may be a chance I wouldn't like it and therefore wouldn't eat it! However it was great and I ate way more than recommended :( Especially with ben and jerrys cookie dough!

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