Saturday, 20 April 2013

Date Night

Last night I took a well deserved break from studying and went into central London with Dima :)

First of all we went to Wright Brother's in Soho, after trying their oysters at 'Feast London' (AMAZING food festival) and loving them! There they were £5 for 3, and naturally their restaurant was alot more expensive.

Here they were more like 3 for £8 (minimum!) so definitely not on a student budget, but they were great. We got three sets; two undressed and one dressed with coriander and japalenos, The French ones were absolutely out of this world! 

However I wasn't too impressed with the restaurant overall, the staff seem like they kind of want to rush you out of there (we stayed for half an hour!) and are quite pressurizing to buy things. But if you want amazing oysters, these were much better than Harrods Oyster Bar. Overall it came to £46 which was quite steep considering we only had the above and one cocktail (£10!) - I dread to think what dinner would cost. 


Then we set off for a long walk around London and ended up in Leicester Square. It was fairly warm and a Friday evening and there were huge groups of people standing outside the pubs, spilling into the roads and I got a quick vision of what my life would be like working in London. I kind of try to avoid central on the weekends, both clubbing and otherwise because the amounts of people that come out to play are astounding.

We went to La Bodega Negra cafe; which you can't reserve so I was expecting queues but luckily they just squeezed us in without waiting!

 The restaurant (on the other side of the road) is great (but also very very expensive) but they are almost always fully booked! After last time I had an idea of what was good so we went for the pork belly tacos (amazing), chicken quesadelias and corn salad. The tacos were much, much smaller portions than the restaurant but they were still good. 


I also got a mohito which was fab 

and there was a mix up with the salad - they brought us another one instead of the one we ordered (they tried to bring us a lot of plates we didn't order) so they gave us a complimentary tequila shot each! 


overall that also came to £46 (expensive times!) but it was much more worth it than the Oysters. 

After that, we went on our way to Adventure Bar in Covent Garden as I was hit by an idea of brilliance, on their website if you sign up for the newsletter then you get £10 off (most cocktails are £10) and there aren't any scams ie having to buy another drink, only on monday's between 2-3 pm! So we went with our vouchers and claimed our drinks :D 

we got a zombie (£11) and a Lemon Cheeseshake (£11) - I had the idea that Dima being the Russian who can drink anything would have the absinthe fuelled Zombie and I could elegantly sip on my cake cocktail. But it was rather the other way around. 

Both were great, and if you go I recommend the ice cream sundae cocktail! 


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