Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Weekend

Since we finished uni,  all the days seem to have blended into one mad haze of revision. This weekend I took a bit of a break. 

On Saturday I went to my best friend's, Lisa's sister's tea party :) 
Lisa's sister, Polina who is due to give birth in a month!
me and Lisa


 Lisa made an ever-amazing Devils Food Chocolate cake, and muffins :) and there was lots of American sweets for some unidentified reason from Patridges and amazing cheese and pickle sandwiches which I am currently craving! However writing this back I am remembering how much I ate... healthy eating also took a bit of  break this weekend.

 I played Cluedo for the first time ever.. and won!!

Then on Sunday, I forced Dima to wake up early to beat the queues at Granger & Co so that he can finally try the amazingness that is their ricotta hot cakes. 
scarf: Asos, Leather jacket: Topshop, dress: Topshop, Shoes: Asos

Dima decided to go for two breakfasts; 1 - full Aussie Breakfast
2 - Ricotta Hotcakes with Honeycomb Butter and Banana aka best thing I have ever eaten

my 'healthy' breakfast of smoked salmon, ricotta and parsley!

food coma creeping up slowly.. 

Granger is a funny one. There is almost always an achingly long queue (the first time we went we waited for 40 mins in the cold simply because we had nothing better to do) but the food is good, Some people aren't as impressed though, when you have gone on and on and on about how amazing it is :(
But the day was warm, at 20 degrees!

Then I dragged Dima to see Spring Breakers - DO NOT SEE THIS FILM if you watch pretty little liars/value your time/ eyesight etc this was probably the worst film I have ever watched, and I do not have high standards (Glitter is wrongly hated). I mainly wanted to watch it to see if Ashley Benson was different, and she wasn't really that different just a very porn-ed up version of Hanna who loves guns for some reason. And Selena Gomez still managed to be typical selena gomez - it would have been better if their roles were reversed. She was a church girl then went on the trip and then moaned and wanted to go home within 10 minutes. 
But yes - anyway this film is basically 90 minutes of teenage girl's breasts/strange gun obsession (for no reason)/repetition of the same scenes/lines over and over and OVER again (mostly along the lines of spring break.....spring break foreverr) with NO RELEVANCE there was no relevance to spring break :'( 

my boyfriend hated it with a passion but there are some high reviews on imdb, which I think are probably because they know the director (like my housemate Ben who says that all his films are like that and they are 'amazing' despite having literally no plot line whatsoever) and because the film does have a 'shock factor' as my friend Louisa put it, of how INCREDIBLY AWFUL IT IS. It does keep you talking about how that can be called a movie nowadays. 

Anyway after that I felt pretty annoyed that I wasted my time/money and exam stress ensued :( 
Then yesterday I had an impromptu dinner party/entire day of revision 

Today was a horrible day, I was very stressed out because of exams and my friend Nicola really does not help at all. She studies for 13 hours plus a day and has perfectly organised notes etc where I am the equivalent to an octopus in an ink factory :( overwhelmed 
i have never used said octopus line before but it sounds like the octopus would be having fun in the ink factory so maybe I should change it - an octopus in a fishing net :(( 

but yes, Nicola calls me daily stressing out and saying she is going to fail, so then I have to reassure her and are reminded of MY current failures etc :-( and today I was mean to Dima and told him to go home (sorry dima if you read this) which I didn't mean because I love him lots <3 

but alls well that ends well, as I had a shower and now I am going to watch 90210! :)

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