Thursday, 18 April 2013

today was one of those days where you may as well be hungover, because you can't concentrate on anything anyway :( 

I woke up at 7 am, (as usual these days to get in lots of studying!) and had my daily museli breakfast and then just could not concentrate on anything. 
I have read every single article on the daily mail, seen every single item on asos/topshop and followed a LOT of blogs. 

2 articles on the daily mail i found particularly disgusting today:

1. Samantha Brick's article on how basically 'The world admonished Kate Moss for claiming that 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels' but I'd go further. As I see it, there is nothing in life that signifies failure better than fat.' which I think is basically disgusting and she is an utterly pathetic woman seeking fame. She also posted this, with the accompanying picture of her husband.. 
'Luckily for me, there is no better weight-loss incentive than a Frenchman. Pascal would not tolerate a fat wife and has told me that if I put on weight, our marriage is over. What more motivation do I need?'

'I have only ever dated men who kept a strict eye on my figure. My partners are my weight-loss coaches' 

I hope for my sake that I do not end up married to a tubby man who would dump me if I got 'fat'. And also that I don't end up as bitter as this woman.

Diets don't work. The only diet that will work is a change in your entire lifestyle. My mum is constantly on diets, and is recently always on at me to lose weight (I am size ten and 5'11) as though it links us together (but thats another story). I think its the worst thing for your parents to tell you in such a harsh way to lose weight, my boyfriend's mum last year said that I had put on loads of weight just randomly over dinner and I burst into tears for hours. I also had the added pressure from a high fashion model agency last year which made me go into the agency every week just to get measured, and be told that 'mmm yeah you have put on a cm this week so when you lose it we will give you work again'. That is also another story, and not for right now.

So basically, Samantha Brick, we don't need to think that there lies nothing ahead but endless days of dieting, of skipping meals and 'enjoying' the hunger pains that accompany it. Last year I tried this when I was under immense pressure and ended up putting more on. This year I have started eating three healthy meals a day and doing a work out in my bedroom for half an hour (most) days and I can already notice the difference after a week. You need to keep your metabolism high. If you want ice cream, eat it but don't skip the rest of the day's meals because all your body will take in is that ice cream and turn it into fat.

The second daily mail article that made me sick today was this - an article about model's cellulite because of their 'bad diet, smoking and no exercise' which is a massive generalisation.
They don't even know the model herself, but posted a picture of her walking down the runway with the TINIEST wobble in her leg. I'm not going to repost it because it makes me sick that people are zooming in on her size zero body and looking for flaws, when she is probably seriously insecure anyway. She must be pretty humiliated at that article - and I bet her agency know about it.

I have experienced a lot in my 7 years of modeling, only subjected to the weight criticism and all the other nasty things myself in the past year. When 'newspapers' start posting articles like this it is just degrading to women and inspire Samantha Brick to write endless drivel.

If a size zero (the absolute maximum size for a catwalk model is six) model is being subjected to such criticism, how are the rest of us supposed to feel? The Daily Mail is misogynistic and I honestly don't know how it exists as a newspaper today.

Unfortunately I still can't stop myself from reading it - it is a vice I have :( but mainly to look at the comments! And sometimes we are interested in what some reality show participant you have never heard of wore out clubbing last monday in her hometown, when revision gets really really bad.

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