Thursday, 11 April 2013


This is my first post, just started this blog as a type of release from all of the insane studying i am doing! (also my boyfriend changed my facebook password so  after reading every story on the dailymail, i have ended up here).

I'm a law student living in London, and currently got exams coming up so everyday is a mad haze of cases, waking up at 7 and studying continuously! Also I have to get in shape for Summer so that I can start modeling immediately after I finish my exams so the days are intervened with rabbit food snacks.

here are some of the 'healthy' meals i have made lately (just realised that they almost all have egg in them - is it bad too eat too many eggs lolol)

museli, natural yoghurt, banana and honey! 

poached egg nom

the first omelet i have conceivably made without burning it/myself/the room

hope you enjoy my blog! xxx

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