Thursday, 10 April 2014

inbetween revision this week

Every day is slowly blending into one, in a similar fashion to summer but not quite. I can no longer tell what day it is or when I last showered - revision has taken over. 
However my family came to stay this week so I got to take a small break and catch up with them! 

We went to see the new musical 'I Can't Sing' - I don't often see shows (such a waste living in London!!) but this was seriously great. Not being a huge fan of traditional musicals, this perfectly balanced up humour with great music.. and just plain randomness. 

It was at the London Palladium, and basically a rip-off of the X Factor. It was one of the most creative things I've seen in a long time, especially an actor who was puppeteer-ing a dog, dressed in black complete with knee pads and a skateboard on one shin to skate around on in true dog style! 

I mentioned random.. (spoiler) this is a spaceship which floats down at the end to suck away Simon Cowell! God knows how they managed to engineer a spaceship in a theatre over 100 years old, but they did it! The sets were all incredible! 

Another break I have taken this week (pretty much the only other break!) has been to do a shoot for a German photographer. You never really know what kind of shoot you are going to get - it can be anything from a 40-outfit look book cutting off your face completely to a completely wacky shoot with blue hair (had my fair share of those!) 

I am very pleased to say, this one was not wacky, nor difficult, nor freezing cold. It was a lovely day getting made over - something I was in dire need of due to hobo-revision period - and playing around Mayfair and Knightsbridge in the sunshine! 

wearing make up for the first time in months - slightly surreal (wearing the most comfortable waffle jumper ever from Urban Outfitters)

We were very lucky that the sun decided to come out - shoots outside are generally NOT my favourite thing because England is freezing/raining 90% of the time! It was a lucky day overall - everyone on set was so lovely and interesting (they were all from Germany), and of course talented! I was just glad they were doing their 'commercial' shoot that day instead of the apparently wacky-japanese high fashion one the day before! First stop was Harrods and the surrounding area - so beautiful! 

Topshop jeans - everything else H&M 

We took lots of touristy pictures - all London cliches such as the pillar-red phone boxes, hopping out of a red bus, nipping in between black cabs and swinging around tube signs! 

H&M trench! May have to go buy myself one of these for Summer :) 

Its on days like this when I feel so lucky to be able to work as a model in London - I can't wait to start full time in a month when these exams are out of the way! 

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