Friday, 4 April 2014

staying healthy during revision

I am in a revision funk. My facebook password has officially been changed for exam period, meaning I have had to resort to other ways of procrastinating... food! It can be difficult whilst revising all day not to reach for the chocolate, or whatever is easiest but I have tried to separate my days with cooking healthy meals, so that doesn't happen! 

I bought some green tea from Amazon (maybe or maybe not because I really liked the mango lychee flavour and couldn't find it anywhere else), here I found four 'variety' packs for £10 - now reduced to £7.50! At 25 bags per box, you basically get 100 bags of tea to work your way through. This was probably quite a good buy as I now drink about ten cups of green tea a day - I just refill the cup with the bag in it over and over again! (you can't over-do green tea right?!) 

My favourite is mango & lychee, but the others are all amazing so it is definitely worth buying if you are trying to up your green tea intake and think regular GT is boring! 

Ok I did technically also buy the years supply of tea because I wanted to buy coconut oil, and amazon have a really irritating new policy where they don't give you free delivery unless something is over £10 :( 

But all's well that ends well - this coconut oil is amazing! The benefits are endless, and as a coconut-obsessor I use it on everything and even as a body moisturiser! 

This is the superfood buckwheat, or 'Kasha' (I stole the pack from my Russian boyfriend muaha - but it is pretty easy to get hold of here.) Buckwheat is really reminiscent of my childhood for some reason, I think my mum used to force us to eat it with everything! 

Apart from tasting really great, it also has endless health benefits. It's not even a wheat, despite the name, it is a fruit seed coming from the rhubarb family! So you are basically eating a giant portion of fruit :') It's also chock-full of proteins and has antioxidants that make it great for regulating blood sugar, to stop you from craving snacks! More health benefits can be found here but it is basically great for you whilst being a great comfort food. 

I ate a massive portion of buckwheat (at an average 150 calories per serving), grilled salmon and spinach and mushroom salad. Can something be called a salad if it was lightly fried in coconut oil?!
 whatever, the 'salad' was pretty incredible for a salad and I definitely recommend making it. To make you simply fry a chopped onion and mushroom together in a little oil and then add spinach at the very end to soften it up! Amazing! 

This deserves a second picture because it was SO GOOD and lifted me out of my unmotivated revision day, even if I am now procrastinating from studying by writing about it! 

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  1. These look so good! I really enjoyed reading this!