Saturday, 12 April 2014

Shoreditch Saturday

 Although I often moan about living in East London, it can actually be a pretty good place to live when you find the right things to do! Today me and Dima went for a long stroll around Bethnal Green/Shoreditch and had lots of fun :) 

Starting off with a walk around the beautiful park in Bethnal Green, practically outside my flat! It even has a tennis court *imagines self playing tennis in a fabulous tennis-skirt/matching racquets* except I can't play to save my life :( 
Cherry blossom trees - love these so much! 

Early morning frolick faces 

Our next stop was the Beigel Shop on Brick Lane. If you know about East London, you should know about this beigel shop. 

And... the one next to it. There are two 24-hour, cheap-as-chips bagel shops sitting next to eachother on the shoreditch-side of Brick Lane which conveniently, do incredible bagels!! (irrelevant matter: how strange does 'bagel/beigel' look written down?) 
Dima got the salt-beef one, which is around £3.50 but the others (pretty much every kind of bagel filling imaginable) are between £2-3. But salt-beef is best (with gherkins and mustard!). I satisfied myself with stealing bites of Dima's amazing food in a pathetic attempt of being healthy. The shops also sell a huge variety of pies, cakes and pastries so we also picked up a croissant and a red velvet cupcake - amazing! 

We also came across a shop on Bethnal Green road called Ekol Food Centre - and they had all my favourite healthy foods at super cheap prices!!! I was SO HAPPY to find the sweet coconut and vanilla propercorn flavour - I've been looking for it everywhere since they sent some to my agency and it. it. amazing. if you see it - get it! Only 109 calories per bag! 

Brick Lane is an amazing place to stroll, there is so much art everywhere! On Sundays its especially amazing, with vibrant market stalls filling the streets with every kind of food imaginable. 

Our final destination was BoxPark, next to Shoreditch High Street. I remembered about Dum Dum Doughnuts and crossed my fingers that they hadn't sold out... we were in luck! The owner was there and he told us about his mission to create 'the best doughnut ever' - I think he has definitely achieved this.

Their doughnuts are baked instead of fried so they are much healthier for you and use much less oil than other doughnuts! 

We went for a 'Zebra' - a crodoughnut, layers of croissant and doughnut pastry slotted perfectly together, with a chocolate buttercream on top...

and a Raspberry fondant one - both were absolutely incredible! After not eating anything 'bad' for so long, this was literally heaven :') 

as you can see by my face... 

also, random but BoxPark is actually a pretty great place just to sit and eat! They had a fairy-light room with beanbags... and a Caribbean room. As well as lots of London themed poems up on the walls to make you feel intelligent as you cram your (rather excellent) doughnut into your mouth! 
We went back and congratulated the owner of Dum Dum on achieving his mission to create the best doughnut - they were really reasonably priced as well (£3.50 for crodough and coffee) - a definite must do if you find yourself in the area! 

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