Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Park Run

Hello! Hope you all had a lovely Easter - I definitely overindulged a bit too much so I'm now paying the price! Lots of exercise and salad! 
AMAZING hotel chocolat easter egg - Thanks Dima!

These are incredible.

A general idea of my Easter diet 

My boyfriend took me out for a run yesterday - I went along very begrudgingly as it was raining and miserable outside! Also the treadmill is so much easier to run on, and I've also started reading my notes whilst running (multitasking!) But it was actually the cutest park (Acton Park) I've been to in London, and the rain made everything so pretty! (see the goblins in the tree above?)

I'm so annoyed all the pretty blossom is rapidly leaving the trees! But at least this gave me good opportunities to 'take pictures' aka stop running because I couldn't breathe/was dying. 

getting in some jumping exercise...

Wearing a very fetching anorak - at least I was dry! 

Such a cool marble tree! 

Hawaii flowers?

I've recently had to up my running game because I finish my exams in... TWO WEEKS and need to start working straight away! I'm very proud to say I managed to run 30 minutes this week, and that's my new goal every day :) Summer is coming!

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