Friday, 4 April 2014

Youtube event with Jhene Aiko

A couple of weeks ago I randomly met a really great person, who introduced me to their media company Above and Beyond. Even though I am finishing university, I'm still not too sure what I want to work in forever - forever is a really long time to be stuck in a job you aren't passionate about! 

We luckily just got on straight away and he generously offered me work experience with them - which is perfect for me because I'm pretty sure I want to go into something media related, just not sure what yet! Over the next year I am planning to model, travel and get as much experience in different jobs as I can so I can find something I would like to ultimately settle down in.  

He invited me to come along and help out at their event at the Youtube offices - exciting! Jhene Aiko was performing a 'secret gig' for her fans. I hadn't personally heard of her much before other than that she was supporting Drake on tour but when I met her and saw her sing/ be interviewed I sort of fell in love with her music and now, I am typically obsessed with her music after having the chance to fully appreciate meeting her!

apparently a 'famous otter' of youtube 

The offices were really cool - they are in Google after all! There were loads of different rooms which had been made up to look like different sets, and heaps of random props lying around (see above!). My first job was to meet the team and help change a 'news room' into a performance set.

I think we did a pretty good job! There were bean bags at the front for people to sit on and it was really nice for her fans to be so close to her. Jhene was a really lovely person, not demanding at all and her honesty really came across in her interviews with MTV. I couldn't believe that she was 26, with a daughter and had been through so much - she looked like a cute 16 year old! 

We had to coordinate all of the fans - some turned up without an invite (totally the sort of thing me and my friends would do.. cheeky!) and unfortunately weren't accommodated due to room. However I think they still got a chance to meet her as they waited downstairs and chased her all the way out to the car! 

This is my favourite song of Jhene's - definitely worth a listen, I think she will become very popular, very soon! 


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